Reiki Promotes Balance
(body – mind – spirit)

Reiki provides relaxation and relief from stress or anxiety, which may also help with associated physical and emotional issues (for people and animals).
Reiki is safe and can complement medical treatments.


Animal Reiki

Reiki works well for pets, farm animals, and other animals, too.
How they receive Reiki is adapted to each animal’s personality
and preferences. They’ll choose if they wish to receive Reiki,
where they'd like to receive it, and they'll let us know when
they’ve had enough.

See our 'workshops' page for details about learning Reiki
to share it with farm animals, pets, and horses.
Workshops include tips for practitioner self-care treatments.

Reiki and CrystalStone Therapy are not substitutes for medical (or veterinary) advice, care or treatment, but they can work with them in a complementary way. If you have symptoms of illness, you should contact your doctor. If your animal has symptoms of illness, you should contact your veterinarian.  A Reiki Practitioner will not diagnose or recommend any form of medical or veterinary treatment.

                        Equine Reiki

Most horses LOVE receiving Reiki! If a horse indicates she's welcoming the flow of Reiki, the practitioner usually places both hands on (or  few inches away from) the horse's body for Reiki to go where it's needed. Universal life-force energy is drawn through the practitioner into the horse's energy field. This helps produce a state of energy balance for the horse. Reiki can also be beamed from a distance (near or far), based on what the horse prefers or what's safe at the time. Often, horses show us exactly where they wish to receive Reiki by positioning themselves right into our hands - then they just relax and enjoy soaking in the energy. 

Simple - Powerful - Transformational

Reiki can help create and maintain conditions in the bodies of people
and animals to support
natural healing abilities.

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