Workshops to Support 
YOUR Reiki or Crystal Journey...

A big part of my Reiki journey is sharing Reiki and stone energies with horses, farm animals, and pets.
But, my journey also includes providing learning opportunities, and support, for others to learn these
complementary modalities. 
My journey continues and I'm happy to help you along yours...  Jane

Animal Reiki with Horses or Other Animals
Local Prince George Workshop

Local Animal Reiki workshops focus on the kinds of animals you share your life with or wish to work with - customized to meet your needs (beginning where you need to start and going as far as you wish to go). Workshops include Reiki self-care methods for yourself. Level 1 Usui Reiki training is recommended, but not required. $250 for a one day workshop, or two half days. Includes guided practice, an in-depth manual, and certificate. 

Equine Reiki: Personal Development with Horses
On-Line Program
This Equine Reiki (practitioner level) program explores personal development with horses, many methods and tips for Equine Reiki sessions, and much more - including Reiki practioner care. Reiki with farm animals and wildlife is included as a bonus unit.
This is an on-line program, offered only through Animal Reiki World and its affiliated Canadian School of Naturotherapy.    

Crystal Reiki - Crystal Therapy
Local Prince George Workshops

Crystal Reiki combines energy infusion with crystals and 15 symbols that are unique to this method. My workshops go beyond Crystal Reiki lineage training by including guided practice with crystal healing techniques to provide you with the skills to start practicing Crystal Reiki and Crystal Therapy with confidence. Ethics and Practitioner tips are included for working with clients. 

This workshop is suitable for anyone interested in crystal energy  work, or for Usui Reiki practitioners wishing to incorporate crystals into their practice. Manuals, attunements, energy lineage, and certificates are included. We may agree on a faster timeline depending on prior certification with crystals or Reiki (see note to the right).

For students with prior crystal healing training and experience, a one day workshop may be possible. For students with Usui Reiki Level 2, we may also be able to shorten the timeline. 

WORKSHOP # 1 - $250 (one full day or two half days)
Level 1: The first five symbols (focused on grounding, centering, and energy flow), understanding and caring for crystals, methods for self-treatments, basic treatments for others, working with animals, and more.

WORKSHOP #2 - $250 (one full day or two half days)
Level 2: Five more symbols (working with physical and spiritual energies), methods for crystal layouts, chakra balancing, and more.
Level 3: The final 5 symbols (including distance healing & psychic work), methods for distance sessions, working with crystal grids, and more.
Master Level: Attuning others to Crystal Reiki.

Completion of all levels qualifies for the Crystal Reiki Master Certificate

New Workshop Available in 2018:
Stones for Animal Reiki Practitioners

Jane Anderlini is an educator (MEd) with metaphysical training that includes:
Usui Reiki Master/Teacher with Animal & Equine Reiki Practitioner Certifications
Certified Crystal Healer & Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher

Reiki and Crystal/Stone Therapy are not substitutes for medical (or veterinary) advice, care or treatment. They are complementary modalities.

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no reproductions without permission.